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Promote Culture of Prevention

Promote Culture of Prevention

The concept of prevention is not practiced in so many aspects of our day to day life for which a real culture change is needed.

For example, viewing the most recent tragic mass shooting in Parkland High School is a continuation of similar tragic events that have taken place. Since Dec 2012 when Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting killing 20 children, there has been 1607 mass shootings killing at least 1864 and wounding 6459 fellow Americans.

According to a study done at Harvard University, published in the( American Journal of Public Health) which showed strong relationship between violet homicides and fire arms ownership, similarly with high rate of suicide. This strong relationship is true of firearm ownership and homicide even among law enforcement officers ( American Journal of Public Health 2015;105:2042-48) .

Preventive measures which proven effectiveness in reducing gun-related death/violence include Universal background check for high risk individuals such as felons,those with mental disorders and violent behavior and drug abusers. Banning high-capacity magazines, bump stock and limiting purchase of a firearm for only those above 21 years of age as Technology can easily accomplish that effectively.

Thus decreasing the number of guns ( a study in 2013, found 357 million guns in America which has increased since then surpassing the total number of US population!) . It is clear now that gun violence is a Major public health risk affecting everybody, not just the kids who are getting scared going to their schools to learn in a safe environment.

The value of prevention can not be overstated. Preventing disease for example comes with eating healthy food, drinking clean water,regular exercise, avoid harmful agents such as tobacco, high salt, sugar intake, excess alcohol as well as management of stress through Wellness and Relaxation Programs This will save lives, money and improve quality of life

 A good example of successful public health preventive strategy is wearing seat belt while driving and vaccinations to prevent spread of diseases.

Prevention and management of stress would lead to a better outcome and enhanced productivity which will prevent depression and suicide. Prevention and management of pain by avoiding obesity, overweight, doing regular exercise, balanced diet, physical therapy, acupuncture, message therapy, cupping and non-pharmacologic therapy which will be a great alternative to opioid therapy which have been way over prescribed for obvious financial gains killing thousands of Americans annually and costing billions of dollars.

Prevention of poverty by improving education, job training as there is a strong association between low socioeconomic status and drug abuse, violence .

Prevention of STD s ( sexually-transmitted diseases) and their complications by avoiding high risk behavior and promote abstinence.

Prevention can help avoid most of the 76 million cases of food poisoning in the United States annually leading to 60,000 hospitalizations and 1800 deaths. Proper sanitary food handling , thorough washing of fruits and vegetables, proper packaging, cooking and thorough hand washing of all food handlers would dramatically reduce food poisoning.

Prevention of fake news at it has become another public health risk, since false news spread much faster than real true news , thus adversely affecting health, businesses and even our democracy itself . Solution is promoting truth and honesty in all aspects of our life.

Prevention of hospital-acquired serious infections including Penicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus or MRSA) , Catheter-related infections, ventilator-associated pneumonia , catheter-associated urinary-tract infections by following sterile techniques and early administration of effective therapies and measures to contain and control infections.

Fall prevention among the elderly who are at high risk for falling especially those with advanced degenerative joint disease or those with unsteady gait by taking precautionary measures to minimize falls and its adverse impact on social and economic well being.

Preventing wars by engaging in active diplomacy and dialogue aiming at peaceful resolution of conflicts rather than engaging in escalation.

The same message can go on to reinforce culture of prevention with early effective intervention strategy that works well ,thus will save lives and money by maintaining the well being of the entire community.

Ignoring our problems by not implementing the appropriate preventative measures will only result in additional adverse outcomes measured by every metric out there!

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