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Our Story

It is a beautiful story that I would like to share with the world. Hopefully, this will demonstrate that each one of us can have a positive contribution to make which will in turn turn challenges into opportunities to do so much good.

Specifically here, I mean the chronic, complicated and seem unsolvable Healthcare crisis. I have witnessed a lot of devastation to both my patients and my fellow physicians. On one hand patients are suffering from increasingly uncontrollable out of pocket expenses as more ( cost is being shifted to consumer responsibility) in the form of co-payments to office visits, procedures, Medications, hospitalization and rising deductible costs which has reached unsustainable levels exceeding the rate of inflation for many years now!

Patients can not afford to eat, support their families because a big chunk of their earnings goes to pay for healthcare bills. It is well known fact that higher cost does not necessarily translate into better care. As a matter of fact, US is World highest spender on Healthcare but ranked number 37 when measured with health outcome data!

This effort has picked up substantially after the World Economic Crisis starting in 2008 when I knew then that the current Healthcare model is unsustainable , as healthcare cost is breaking the bank and forcing many people into bankruptcy.

Also, the doctors got hit with denied, delayed or ridiculous payments after spending more than 38% of their time dealing with Insurance bureaucracy, paper work, escalating over head cost dealing with more regulations ( including expensive Electronic Medical Records) and in some cases doubling working load and hours to make ends meet!

So many small practices were forced to shut down as acquisition mania started and continued since 2010 which has led that for the first time in America, the independent physicians who were once the majority are surpassed by the employed physicians who sold their practices to bigger Healthcare systems such as hospitals and big physician practice groups. This was the only choice left for physicians to continue to practice medicine and earn a living!

This was further complicated with Affordable Care Act ( ACA) with decreased reimbursements,high overhead and new coding system when( ICD9 changed into ICD10) adding thousands of new codes making it very difficult for physician to get paid unless physician is in the employed category. Non insurance payment lead also to closure of many small rural hospitals as well as small practice offices.

Small independent pharmacies also suffered with ACA as patients were forced to go to the big pharmacies to get their medications , not the ones they have been established with for years making billions of dollars in profit!

Now, the new healthcare plan under the new administration will not only stop expansion of ACA, but would most likely lead to its demise and thus beginning of 2019, the individual mandate will be lifted. Even Medicaid is being proposed to be replaced with block grants which would not be enough to give enough coverage for millions of American. Skinny Insurance which is being used as a temporary fix is lacking essential coverage and cost more.!

Due to physicians losing autonomy, professional gratitude as they are being replaced with automation and lower pay staff( Nurse Practitioners ), now the rising problem of physician burnout up to 66%, depression and even suicide can not not be ignored any more!

Thus I have developed a ( Direct Contracting for Healthcare Model) with combined Internal Medicine and Cardiology services in an incredibly affordable pricing with transparency, great trusted care and impeccable credibility which qualified our program to be offered by the City of Tampa for Non Medicare Retirees for three consecutive years. This has made our Affordable Quality Healthcare Program a reality and wanted to join but were reluctant to do so because of a concern about ( Individual Mandate) , tax penalty and they could not get out of their employer health plan.

Our constant campaign of community outreach educating fellow Americans about importance of Wellness, early disease detection, and management to help patients stay health and cut down their healthcare cost substantially.

Many trips to the State Capitol to meet and educate law makers. Make presentation in front of the Healthcare Innovation Subcommittee which required long early travel in the dark in the cold winter hours!

The HB37 Bill did not pass for many years as it was blocked by lobbyists , but it is official and Governor Scott signed into law on March 23rd 2018.

The Healthcare is going currently through major changes including the clear shift to promote outpatient and non-Hospital setting to deliver Healthcare to contain cost and limit complications related to hospitalization. We have also seen a pattern of so many small and medium hospitals shutting down due to non-payment or minimal payment for the services they provided. When the operational cost exceeds revenues, then for sure will lead to so many practices and hospitals to go out of business.

It has been an exciting journey and now is only the beginning of a new phase as we are able to reach out to help so many patients ( consumers) and providers( Doctors) . As we build our network with to help fight disease, help to fight hunger as we donate 5% back to the community as a part of our social responsibility. Also, Provide a dignified model for the practice of Medicine and stabilize the immune system with immune supplement naturally to prevent disease.

Finally , taking the stress away off the shoulder of people caused by skyrocketing healthcare cost, save thousands of dollars every year. This is a couple who saved $ 45000.00 over three years of being enrolled in Our Affordable Quality Healthcare Program.

Do not forget, it is all about Wellness now as majority of diseases are preventable!

So, here we go , we built to serve and protect You the consumer and it is You now who decides where to go for your healthcare!