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One-Stop Healthcare with Combined Internal Medicine and Cardiology Services. Combining good old fashion house calls with modern technology.


Expanding Low-Cost Quality Health Care Program Serving Patients from 20 to 100 Years of Age.


You will save thousands of dollars when you compare it to traditional insurance!


Designed for self-pay individuals and small businesses. $150/m 10% discount if paid annually.  You will save thousands of dollars when you compare to traditional insurance!

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20 – 30 Years Old

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20 – 30 Years Old

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31 – 40 Years Old

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31 – 40 Years Old

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41 – 65 Years Old

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41 – 65 Years Old

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66 – 100 Years Old

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66 – 100 Years Old

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With ProntoCare, you can get expert consults to determine the best way to proceed with your health care. Get a second opinion online. Pay no travel fees. Online visits. Weekend and holiday availability. Convenient and secure.


Adel Eldin, MD, FACC, FACP, MBA, GGA has been serving Florida over the past 23 years.

He is Founder, CEO of Quality Affordable Healthcare, Prontocare, and serves as a Board -Certified Cardiologist/Entrepreneur, and global health expert.

Dr. Eldin is an entrepreneur who has been working on solutions for the health care crisis not only with Prontocare but, also founded Florida Medical Tourism in the Spring of 2012 as a Global Hub for Medical and Wellness Tourism to help ease the global health care access and serve the growing needs always putting the patient first.

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Eat Healthy to stay Healthy!
Eat Healthy to stay Healthy!
November 3, 2022 Food and Health, Healthcare News, Wellness

Very Interesting recent article published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) found a link between consumption of high calorie subsidized food and the subsequent development of the obesity and many related Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and their complications.

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July 18, 2024
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