Ensure Ethical Values When Using AI in Healthcare

Ensure Ethical Values When Using AI in Healthcare

Precision health could be enhanced by using Artificial Intelligence or AI with patient data. Ethical use of the data is critical to make sure that the data are used to benefit patient health ONLY. Examples of that would include early detection and management of diseases and support independent living of senior citizens among many other items. Certainly, AI has […]

Smartphone Powered Healthcare


Forty-five percent of the world’s population has smartphones. This would account for 3.5 billion smartphones globally and this is expected to be 7.3 billion smartphones by 2023. Since smartphones use digital technology, they could thus be used as a medical device for so many reasons including easy use and portability as smartphones can be held […]

How Ready Are We For The Next Pandemic?

How Ready Are We For The Next Pandemic?

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world forever. To assess the situation and lessons learned from our experience dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic which had an economic impact, job loss, business loss, such as restaurants, gyms, entertainment, movie theaters, ..etc. They were replaced with contactless delivery of food, home workout equipment, in-home entertainment with many choices for streaming […]

The Rise of Black Fungus Infection

The recent rise of lethal black fungus infection in India as well as the death of the very iconic Egyptian comedian Sameer Ghanem have brought this unusual infection to the spotlight! This was noted among patients diagnosed with COVID-19 infection and is being treated with Intravenous corticosteroids ( Dexamethasone) to decrease the inflammation in the lung tissue […]

Is Ramadan Here Yet?!

Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything including the Holy month of Ramadan with global lockdown and Mosque closures in 2020. This has certainly impacted the near two billion followers of Islam as the pandemic left a feeling of sadness because of the inability unable to go to pray in the Mosques, unable to have the communal events […]

Surging Mental Health problems due to online learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic!

COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of life including the added stress of online learning which has been reported by 75% of college students. Reporting more emotional anxiety, zoom fatigue, staying up the night, changing the normal sleep pattern, and waking up in the afternoon. Students are not able to see friends and socialize with them in person. […]

Coronavirus variant update!

A recent study was conducted by Oxford and Astra Zeneca in South Africa showed its vaccine did not protect people from getting infected with the variant against mild and moderate COVID infection as the study included more than 2000 participants. Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccine showed 95% efficacy before the appearance of the variant. Based on the laboratory […]

Let us take a closer look at Ivermectin!

As we approach a record death toll of 400,000 fellow Americans, millions infected with COVID-19, it is a sober reminder that there is a desperate need to seek a durable effective therapy beyond vaccination. Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic medication that has been used globally over the past 40 years with an established safety profile. The Global […]

Alternative Solutions to Housing Crash During COVID Pandemic!

The housing market crisis during the COVID pandemic has created alternative housing solutions such as extended stay hotels as an attractive choice over traditional rentals to accommodate the increasing needs created by relocation, travel, changing homes with gaps in housing needs such as waiting to get out of a lease agreement. To seize the opportunity, some hotels started […]

Antibiotics Resistance and COVID Pandemic

It is estimated in the United Staes, there is 2.8 million multidrug-resistant bacterial infections ( AMR) per year. which cause 35,000 death annually costing 20 billion dollars on related-healthcare. COVID-19 is directing away resources from AMR, which is further complicated with antimicrobial drug shortage, low public awareness of ( AMR), insufficient pharmaceutical pipeline. Also, promote […]