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Please, Avoid Processed Meat

Please, Avoid Processed Meat

It has been confirmed in many long term studies that regular and high amounts of Red meat consumption is associated with increased risk of Cardiovascular disease and colon cancer . Thus there is a big need to change eating patterns and replacement with other healthy protein sources. It has been made clear that a major contributor to health problems and thus high cost healthcare in the USA is related to poor nutrition and unhealthy national choices which would further perpetuate a vicious cycle of poor nutrition and adverse health outcome which leads to enormous preventable waste of US healthcare dollars spent! One good example is the association of high Red Meat consumption and increased mortality.

Both, US and European studies with meta -analysis of epidemiological studies of more than 1.5 million people, have shown that high consumption of Red meat especially if processed for long time , will increase Mortality due to Heart disease, Colo rectal cancer and diabetes in both Men and Women.

National Institute of Health and AARP ( NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study) conducted over 15 years have confirmed the statistical Association in a very large size patient cohort which included both Men and Women. On the other hand, Healthy Protein substitutes to reduce risk of early mortality found in Fish ( reduced risk by 74%), legumes and low fat Dairy products ( reduced risk by 10%), Poultry , whole grains( reduced risk by 14%, Nuts reduced risk by 19%)

Proper Diet and life -style modification to reduce red meat consumption and avoid processed meat all together . This is certainly a modifiable risk factor as consumption of red meat less than 20 grams a day would prevent more than 3% of all deaths. The associated heme iron, nitrate, and nitrite from processed meat in addition to high salt content and high fat content are added risk factors for hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

But, if you eat white meat such as chicken or fish ( certainly not Pork), this was found to have 25% reduction in risk of all cause mortality. But if you have to have Red meat once in a while, make sure , you eat only fresh meat , not processed and lean meat rather than fatty meat without salt added.

Also, new healthy alternatives to red meat and gaining popularity as it gives the natural flavor of meat , but has minimal fat and minimal cholesterol content and thus will be attractive alternative to patients with heart disease and high cholesterol is the goat meat. Non- animal protein sources such is gaining popularity such as FlaFel sandwich( made with chick peas or beans ) all over New York City and beyond as being nutritious , tasty affordable and healthy.

Bottom line is, you need to cut down your red meat consumption, use only lean meat, avoid processed meat intake all together and increase your other healthy protein substitutes to red meat consumption to hopefully live longer and better!

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