Ensure Ethical Values When Using AI in Healthcare

Ensure Ethical Values When Using AI in Healthcare

Precision health could be enhanced by using Artificial Intelligence or AI with patient data. Ethical use of the data is critical to make sure that the data are used to benefit patient health ONLY. Examples of that would include early detection and management of diseases and support independent living of senior citizens among many other items. Certainly, AI has […]

Smartphone Powered Healthcare


Forty-five percent of the world’s population has smartphones. This would account for 3.5 billion smartphones globally and this is expected to be 7.3 billion smartphones by 2023. Since smartphones use digital technology, they could thus be used as a medical device for so many reasons including easy use and portability as smartphones can be held […]

How Ready Are We For The Next Pandemic?

How Ready Are We For The Next Pandemic?

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world forever. To assess the situation and lessons learned from our experience dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic which had an economic impact, job loss, business loss, such as restaurants, gyms, entertainment, movie theaters, ..etc. They were replaced with contactless delivery of food, home workout equipment, in-home entertainment with many choices for streaming […]

Please, Avoid Processed Meat

It has been confirmed in many long term studies that regular and high amounts of Red meat consumption is associated with increased risk of Cardiovascular disease and colon cancer . Thus there is a big need to change eating patterns and replacement with other healthy protein sources. It has been made clear that a major contributor to health problems and thus high cost healthcare in the USA is related to poor nutrition and unhealthy national choices which would further perpetuate a vicious cycle of poor nutrition and adverse health outcome which leads to enormous preventable waste of US healthcare dollars spent! One good example is the association of high Red Meat consumption and increased mortality.

Coffee is good in Moderation!

Coffee is a global beverage with millions of metric tonnes consumed annually, half of which is consumed here in the US. Most type used in the world is seeds of ( Coffee Arabica). Coffee has very interesting history as the effect of wild coffee berries on goats in ( Abyssinia , currently Ethiopia was first observed in 850 AD. Then by the 15th Century was introduced in Yemen, then spread in the 16th Century to Turkey during the Ottman Empire , Egypt, North Africa, India, West Africa, Italy and rest of Europe then to the new land ( America) rest of the World

Fresh Approach to Depression!

Depression is number one Disability in the US affecting 15 million Americans and 350 Millions world wide. Depression is an emotional disorder accompanied by physiological symptoms of mood disturbance, feeling sad, not enjoying life or with physical symptoms such as tiredness, sleep disturbance, weight gain, loss of energy or interest in life. Depression is caused by major stress due to loss of loved ones, divorce, serious illness, loss of job, loss of house following Hurricane, storm , flood , fire or being taken away by the bank!

Opioid Epidemic Scope and Solution

It is a global problem not just a US Epidemic affecting every culture, race, ethnic background and age groups. Sadly, with increasing number of youth with its associated taboo, role of peer pressure, and media can not be over emphasized.