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Amazon going into Healthcare!

Amazon going into Healthcare!

Our unhealthy Healthcare system is getting now new and aggressive players as American sickness is becoming a huge Multi-Trillion Dollar Business. Now Amazon is going into Healthcare in direct competition with CVS and Walgreen. Also Walmart and Uber are moving in. Walmart has closed 154 stores in the United States as its sales were adversely affected by Amazon online shopping from home!

Because somebody did their homework of Healthcare Market Analysis, the results showed as technology is getting better and better everyday, you can have up to 40% of house calls done via Tele Medicine. Similarly, on-demand services with delivery of Flu-Shots successfully for example in 35 cities by Uber Health was tried in a pilot phase of 2000 people who received Flu-shot at home rather than going to doctor office or clinic, which used to be a frequent reason to make the trip to the clinic.

Similarly, Walmart have built 100 on-site Retail Clinics ( like CVS Minute Clinic staffed by a Nurse Practitioner, not a doctor to cut down over head and maximize profit. Now, if you go to and check out the Health Care Categories. You will see as if you shopping in a virtual pharmacy with First Aid,Eye care , Feminine Care, Pregnancy test , baby supplies, skin products , pain relief, Anti-reflux Medications and the impressive list goes on. Not only that, but nutrition supplies, Medical Equipment, Health and Wellness,Essential Oils up to 400 pages to shop from!

Medical Equipment include splints, Mobility aids, wound care, respiratory, urological care, Ostomy supplies, fitness devices, occupational and physical therapy aids. Sexual Health with all associated supplies and even Funeral Services!

Yes, Caskets, Cremation supplies for human ashes and more all are included. Thus, there is an Amazon Superstore for Medical Supplies in Florida where a large populations of Senior Citizens and retirees live!

Medications as well as Blood work services also included with delivery even with Drones to remote locations and on long weekends and Holidays. Diagnostic testing for Colon Cancer screening ( non-invasive ) with Cologard for those 50 years or older done as well . It has so many advantages over conventional colonscopy as it is done at home, no procedure-associated risks such as perforation, bleeding needing surgery or blood transfusion, no special prep, do not have to take time off work with high accuracy up to 92% of colon cancer amd can detect 69% of pre cancerous lesions. It is FDA approved to test Stool DNA for colon cancer . All related educational material and Videos are also available for sale. Similarly, Diabetes monitoring supplies, blood pressure monitoring and related educational material. Diagnostic Imaging with CT scan or MRI or Ultra sound study are available.

Amazon also carries various catheters, infusion pumps, IV bags, Infusion tubing, sutures, hospital beds. Now, you start to see that consumerism is going to be the main driving force shaping the Healthcare market. Amazon understands that aging population will generate more healthcare services and opportunities. It is also driving mergers and consolidation in the Medical Supply industry with recent 24 billion dollar deal as Becton-Dickinson acquiring C.R.Brad!

Now, Amazon and Microsoft going into fierce competition not just in the cloud, but also in Healthcare market. Amazon is working with Electronic Medical Records , virtual Medical visits and applications for devices such as Amazon Echocardiogram!

Microsoft is doing the same with HealthVault and specific focus on pro-active Wellness and big data analysis to guide decisions. Amazon is going Global as well with videos /Music expanding to Middle East buying which is online Market Place exactly as Souq in Arabic means Market place. Through its e-Commerce plateform , Amazon has more than 130 million visitors to its site every month!

Well, now there is a big concern about Amazon expressed by President Trump in a Tweet saying ( Amazon is doing great damage to tax paying retailers, towns, cities and States throughout the U.S are being hurt , many jobs are being lost) and replaced with automation and digitally-run e-Commerce Business.

Well, fasten your seat belts as we are going through tough rides and watch events shaping future of healthcare unfold!

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